Richmond FC held the Awards Night & AGM on Tuesday May 28 at Council Chambers, City of Richmond.

Richmond FC would like to thank Jasmin Ma, Danny Lam and Bill Barrable for their time and efforts on the Board. Following an election with 11 candidates, Richmond FC welcomes a new board for the 2019/2020 season as follows:

Mike Fletcher (1 year remaining)
Chris Parry (1 year remaining)
Mark Fletcher (1 year remaining)
Carlos Carvalheiro-Nunes (1 year remaining)
Mike Biddlecombe (1 year remaining)
Indie Sahota (1 year remaining)
Eric Trumbull (1 year remaining)

Rein Weber (re-elected to 2-year term)
Dan Brodie (re-elected to 2-year term)
Cristina Carvalheiro-Nunes (re-elected to 2-year term)
Fred Weil (re-elected to 2-year term)
Terry Dowle (re-elected to 2-year term)

Prit Lidder (elected to 2-year term)
Mark Ellens (elected to 2-year term)
Volker Helmuth (elected to 2-year term)
Jennifer Niemi (elected and agreed to take vacant 1-year term)

The special resolution to change the quorum at an AGM was defeated as it did not received the 3/4 votes in favour to pass.

Richmond FC Annual Awards

Jordan Yttri Award (District’s Most Outstanding Goalie) – Kento Weil


















Charlie Mead Award (Most Sportsmanlike Team) – U17 Division 2 Strikers






Jim Lamond Award (Most Outstanding Adult Player) – Owen Sinclair








Bradley Nielsen Award (Most Determined Team) – U15 Division 3 Rockets






Patrice Sarrazin Award (Most Outstanding Select Player) – Ajeet Gundarah