A hearty congratulations to every team that took part in our 28th annual RFC Thanksgiving Tournament, sponsored by TGS Esports, which played out with high levels of sportsmanship, humour, energy and, most importantly, fun.

It was a pleasure to see teams from all over BC and beyond tailgating, barbequing, playing hard, enjoying our city and making new friends in what might be some of our last sunny days for a while. A big thanks to our volunteers who made it possible, our parents who postponed turkey lunches to get their games in, referees who showed up big time, board members and coaches who put in long hours at the field, and our sponsors who helped us pay for it all.

The biggest thank you, on behalf of the RFC board, goes to our administrator Tania Webster, who shepherded this event for months, organizing food trucks and sponsors, helping teams with their applications, scheduling games and fields, and just being there on field for hours on end to help those that needed helping. We couldn’t do it without you, Tania.

Our sponsors list is long – aside from our club sponsors, The Gaming Stadium/TGS Esports, we had assistance from:

And finally, some of our winners.

See you all next year!