All participants in Richmond FC programming must follow our codes of conduct, disciplinary guidelines, and coaching rules. All coaches and administrators undergo background checks and are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and support for the children in our program.



Regardless of the aims and goals of a coach, the primary goal is to facilitate a learning environment that is fun, challenging, educational and develops a love for the game which enables the sport to retain as many players as possible.

Coaches will be reasonable in their demands on the young players’ time, energy and enthusiasm. Remember that they have additional interests and commitments.

Coaches will teach players to play fairly, to respect the rules, the officials and their opponents for without them, there would be no game of soccer.

Coaches will ensure that all players get equal instruction and will play half of each game.

Coaches will not ridicule, shout, use profane language or gestures at players, opponents or officials for making mistakes or for performing poorly. Coaches will remember that players play to have fun and must be encouraged to have confidence in themselves.

Coaches will make sure that equipment and facilities are safe and match the players’ age and abilities.

Coaches will need to communicate with parents in the management of player injuries and will need to consider the player’s well-being for the future when making decisions on a player’s ability to play or practice.

Coaches need to remember that players need a coach they can respect.

Coaches will be generous with praise when it is deserved, and set a good example; as players often learn more from what they observe rather than what they are told.

Coaches need to make a personal commitment to be informed on sound coaching principles along with the principles of growth and development of players.


As a player I participate fully in the sport of soccer because I want to.

As a player I will play by the rules and in the spirit of the game.

As a player I agree to respect the officials’ decisions and to remember that they’re there to help and assist in making the games of soccer fair and enjoyable.

As a player I will endeavor to be a good team player and recognize that the goal of the game is to have fun, improve my skills and to develop lifelong friends from my teammates and opponents.

As a player I agree to cooperate with coaches, officials, teammates and opponents, for without them there is no game of soccer.


As a parent I will not force my child to participate in sports if he/she doesn’t wish to be involved.

I will remember that the player is involved for his/her enjoyment and not mine.

I will encourage the player to play by the rules and resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.

I will never ridicule or shout at a player for making a mistake or performing poorly.

I will respect the principle that doing one’s best is as important as winning, thereby reinforcing the principle that to participate is as important as the result of the game.

I will condemn the use of violence in any sport.

I will not use profane language or gestures towards players, opponents, officials or coaches.

I recognize and will remember the value and importance of volunteer coaches and officials. They give of their time and resources to provide recreational activities for your son/daughter.

I agree to respect the officials’ decisions and to remember that they’re there to help and assist in making the games of soccer fair and enjoyable.



Richmond FC recognizes that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, Vine and Flickr have become important and influential communication channels for our community and our club. To assist in posting content and managing these sites, Richmond FC follows the guidelines in the BC Soccer Social Media Policy. The Policy and guidelines apply to Richmond FC Board of Directors, staff, coaches, managers, assistants and membership (parents).



The goal of the RCM is to promote a safe sport environment and support Sport Organizations to proactively and voluntarily take measures to ensure the safety of their sport. By taking the pledge, organizations are making a commitment to ensuring that they have policies and procedures in place that protect athletes and coaches in their organization and sport.

Richmond FC has taken the pledge!
“Our sport organization pledges to align our practices with Phase 1 of the Responsible Coaching Movement and is committed to ensuring that our athletes and coaches are protected”

1. Implement the Rule of Two Policy
2. Background Screening for all Coaches
3. Ethics Training for all Coaches




Richmond FC follows BC Soccer Discipline Policies and Procedures.

CLICK HERE for BC Soccer Conducts, Ethics and Discipline Standards & Policy

CLICK HERE for BC Soccer Discipline Sanction Policy



Queries about registration, schedules, refunds, programs, academies, assessments, etc. please contact the Club Administrator at

Operational/Governance Complaints

For complaints about club operations or governance, please contact Correspondence to this email address will be routed in confidence to the Club’s Chair and Vice-Chair.  The receipt of your complaint will be acknowledged and we will provide an estimated response time and the name of a primary contact person. This contact person may be the Chair, Vice-Chair, the Executive Director, the Technical Director, the Club Administrator or another Board member. This complaint procedure does not apply to incidents that occur during the course of a soccer game and which result in yellow cards, red cards, ejections, warnings, etc.  Such incidents will be reviewed by the relevant League’s Discipline Committee. Richmond FC does not get involved in discipline taking place during official league matches.

Reporting Concerns Regarding Player Safety/Child Protection

Richmond FC is committed to ensuring all children are protected and in a safe playing environment. Any concerns regarding violations of the Club’s Code of Conduct to Protect Children should follow the protocol detailed HERE. This includes concerns regarding potentially illegal behaviour and inappropriate behaviour.



Sport offers incredible experiences and opportunities for children, which are integral to enhancing child development. Positive experiences are tied to healthy relationships between athletes and coaches, officials, and other sport leaders, as well as to safe environments where adults are accountable for their actions and behaviours.” – Commit to Kids

You have an independent duty to report all suspicions of potentially illegal behaviour directly to police and/or child welfare.

Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Children in Sport

Steps to Reporting Inappropriate Behaviour (for Sports Organizations)

Reporting Child Sexual Abuse and Misconduct (for Parents)

Steps to Reporting Child Abuse (for Sports Organizations)

BC Handbook for Action on Child Abuse and Neglect