At Richmond FC, we see a lot to like about Ted Lasso’s coaching style, but those looking for a tryout with AFC Richmond should keep looking; We are not the famous TV football club.

Nor are we the Richmond Tigers Australian Rules football team. Or the Richmond FC Rugby Club out of London, the University of Richmond Spiders, or the Richmond Kickers of North Carolina, or the Richmond Strikers of Virginia.

We are, in fact, Richmond Youth Football Club, aka Richmond FC, of sunny British Columbia in the Western-most corner of Canada.

We are a completely different club.

In our Richmond, you will not find Danny…. Daaaaanny Rojas playing striker, nor will be you called a ‘w*nker’ from the stands by hundreds of screaming fans. Although the U8 parents can get a bit rowdy.

See what I mean?

If you’re from somewhere other than sunny Richmond BC, the ‘Island City’, the ‘land of Lulu’, there might not be much for you here, being as this is a football club for soccer-playing kids from under 4 to under 18, but if you do happen to be from somewhere close to our Richmond…

Hey friend, have you thought about signing your kid up for a season of soccer?

It’s not real expensive – the spring/fall season starts at $375 – and the equipment needed is minimal.. bring cleats, shin guards and a water bottle, and we literally take care of everything else, from equipment and coaches, to playing kit, shorts, socks..

Put all of that together with your child’s passion, excitement, and desire to compete and, well..

If Ted Lasso teaches us anything – and it does – it teaches us that sport has the ability to bring us together, teach us about ourselves, and bring highlight reel moments to our lives.

In soccer, your child will learn the value of teamwork, leadership, reward for hard work, tactics, fitness, and friendship.

Yeah, it’s good when they win. But it’s not the metric we judge our club on. Our most valuable metric is the number of kids we help grow into well rounded human beings who share their love of the game with their own kids down the road.

We may not be the Richmond on TV, but we’re working towards it.