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Welcome to the 2016 Richmond Boys Thanksgiving Tournament hosted by Richmond FC on October 8 and 9, 2016. Last year we hosted over 70 boys teams from across BC and look forward to another successful tournament this year. We will be hosting a U11/U12 Festival and U13-U18 Tournament. All games will be played on a variety or artificial turf and grass fields around Richmond.

Below is information and registration for the Boys Thanksgiving Soccer Tournament. For information on the Girls Tournament, please go to

Tournament Director – Boys:
Tania Webster


Tournament Discipline Chair:
Bob Harrison


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The Executive Airport Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre will be the tournament’s host hotel. It is located at 7311 Westminster Hwy. The Executive Airport Plaza Hotel continues to be a huge supporter of soccer in Richmond and we encourage teams and parents to stay at the host hotel.


Standard (Plaza/Courtyard) $109

1 Bedroom Condo Suite $129

Two Bedroom Condo Suite $149

** Special Full Buffet B/Fast rates $10 PP if booked in advance.

Rate includes:

Overnight Parking (Regular $16.75/night)

High-speed Internet /WIFI in the guestroom (Regular $9.95/day)

Free Local Calls

Free Airport Transfer


Call locally at 604-278-5555 or Toll free at 1-800-663-2878. Please quote” Richmond Soccer Thanksgiving Tournament”


Don’t know where your field is? Go to the below link and you will be redirected to the City of Richmond’s Sport Fields Locations.  This is an excellent resource that provides street addresses, Google map link and field map to locate your field at site.  Please note that all grass fields will show as closed as they are game only fields for the weekends.

CLICK HERE to go to field location site

To register, please read the rules and regulations below and then click on the registration link suitable to your age group at the bottom of this page. 

2016 Richmond Thanksgiving Tournament Rules & Regulations

1. FIFA rules apply, except as modified by tournament rules.
2. Only BC Soccer registered players and teams can take part in the tournament. Tournament is open to GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE/HOUSE teams only (no BCSPL or METRO division). TEAMS MAY PICK UP PLAYERS FROM OTHER REGISTERED TEAMS OF THE SAME OR LOWER CALIBRE ONLY. ANYONE BREAKING THIS RULE IS LIABLE TO DISQUALIFICATION. TEAMS SHOULD BE OWN TEAM WITH MINIMUM ADDITIONS TO FIELD A TEAM. NO STACKED TOURNAMENT TEAMS.  Please note that the tournament committee reserves the right to combine age groups and divisions if there is not sufficient entries.
3. Team lists (2 copies) must be provided at each game. ID cards required.
4. A player may only play for one team in the tournament.
5. All players must play at least half of every game.
6. Home teams wear alternates if required, and provide the game ball. In the finals, the 2nd place team is home.
7. Everyone likes tournaments to run to time. All games will start on time. There will be a maximum 5 minutes grace – any team without 7 players 5 minutes after scheduled time will default (score = 3-0), and/or may face further penalty.
8. All games will be:

U11-U12: Two 25 minute halves
U13 – U15: Two 30 minute halves
U16 – U18: Two 35 minute halves.
Where U15/U16 is combined games will be two 35 minute halves.
All games maximum 5-minute half-time. There will usually be assistant referees for U16-U18 games. For all other games, each team provides a linesman to indicate only when the ball is out of play. These linesmen are NOT to signal offsides.
9. Final games (only), which are tied after regular time will go straight to FIFA penalty shots.
10. Report all scores as follows: BOYS – text to 778-834-7972 (Scores ARE NOT reported for U11 and U12)
11.  U11/U12 Festival – all teams will play 4 games (2 Saturday and 2 Sunday) and all players receive a participation award.  U13 and older teams play a competitive tournament. 1st and 2nd place teams receive medals.
12.  Division format is dependent on number of entries.
13.  Points are allotted as follows:
win = 3 points
tie = 1 point
loss = 0 points.
If points are even, tie-breakers will be used in the following order (i.e., a. first, then b. if still tied, then c, then d):
a. Head-to-head results
b. Goal difference (goals for minus goals against, max. 3 per game)
c. Least total goals conceded
d. Coin toss
14.  The Discipline Committee will review all discipline issues after each game. Red cards incur an automatic next game suspension, plus possible further penalty. Suspensions will be referred to a player’s home District in case suspensions carry over to league play.
15.  Any protests need to be submitted within 10 minutes of game end, in writing, to the Hub desk. The Tournament Committee’s decision is final.
16.  If the players, coaches or supporters of any team are found to have abused (including verbally)any referee or official, that team risks instant disqualification, as does any team causing an abandoned game, or involved in gross misconduct.
17.  The Tournament Committee can clarify or amend rules as appropriate.

Please ensure that you enter the correct division/level (see Tournament Rules regarding “pick-ups”). ID Cards will be required and the Tournament Committee reserves the right to move teams to a different division if they are deemed to entered in the wrong division.

Medals will be awarded to Winner and Runner-up. All teams are guaranteed 3 games, but tournament format is dependent on number of teams entered. Tournament schedule will be posted and circulated one week in advance of tournament start date.

Tournament Fees (payable by credit card only)
U11-U12: $360
U13-U15: $385
U16-U18: $460
Refunds are provided up to and including registration close date of September 25 subject to a $50 administration fee. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS ARE PROVIDED AFTER SEPTEMBER 25.




The following divisions are full and closed for registration:

U13 Gold/Div 1

U13 Silver/Div 2

U14 Gold/Div 1

**Please email for any other clarifications.



The following divisions are full and closed for registration:

U17 Gold/Div 1

U16/U17 Silver/Div 2

**Please email for any other clarifications.