The Richmond FC board elected in early 2021 has identified three areas of focus for the coming season.

  1. To be ready, willing, and able to engage in merger talks with other Richmond based clubs, to help our community come together and focus on all children in our system
  2. To bring lower cost programming options to families in the city, which will encourage more involvement in the system and better outcomes for all families
  3. To grow the profile of our club within our community, not just on the field but also off, engaging in charitable works as a means of supporting and building better citizens

Beyond this year, RFC is working through elements of the 5-year strategic plan, established in 2017.

As 2021 rolled around, we feel we’ve completed a third of the objectives within the plan so far, while a further third no longer apply or are supported in other areas, while a third of the plan remains to be fulfilled.

We will commence work on an updated plan with the support of our staff, later in 2021.