As a parent, you have a ton of options for things you can sign your children up for. Arts, sports, tutoring, and more offer ways to get your kid unplugged from their screens and out into the world, meeting new friends and learning new skills.

But why should you sign your child up to a sport?

And why should you sign them up to a soccer program?

And why should you sign them up to the program at Richmond FC?


  • Sports build strength, speed, agility, cardio, and general health
  • Sports teach the value of teamwork, leadership, tactics, and the value and rewards of hard work
  • Sports help kids learn social cues and build friendships in an environment with hundreds of potential friends
  • Sports programs are good for parents too, bringing opportunities to make your own friendships that endure


  • Soccer is an ‘every muscle’ game, where speed, strength, agility, cardio, core strength, flexibility, and stamina all get a workout
  • Soccer is among the least expensive sports for a child to play, with a full fall/winter season of open development costing as little as $375, with two 90-minute training sessions per week and at least one full game, overseen by professional coaches and nationally accredited volunteers
  • Equipment-wise, al you need to bring are a pair of cleats, shin guards, and a water bottle. We supply everything else
  • While we love our volunteer coaches, managers, and administrators, unlike other sports, we don’t enlist parents to perform hours of volunteer work weekly. If you can help, fantastic. If you’re busy, we get it


  • RFC is the oldest football club in Richmond, starting in 1955
  • RFC is the largest youth sports program in the city by membership
  • RFC has teams at all ages, from under-4s to under-18s, with teams for boys, girls, and coed, at all levels of ability from Metro to House leagues
  • In David Thorburn, RFC has a Technical Director recognized as the best in Canada, who regularly coaches other coaches and has coached national teams, as well as having sent hundreds of players into pro leagues in Europe as a coach and player agent
  • In Marius Roevde, RFC has an Executive Director who has coaches goalkeepers at the Canadian Women’s National Team, the MLS Vancouver Whitecaps, and played professionally in Europe
  • In the community, RFC gives back by offering low cost/no cost soccer to parents connected to the Food Bank, indigenous groups, and schools.
  • RFC runs one of the largest tournaments in the province, and has recently held Provincial Championship weekends more often than any club in BC
  • RFC is embraced by Richmond’s commercial leaders, with sponsorships by Go Auto Columbia Chrysler, Coho Commissary, and The Gaming Stadium
  • RFC’s 5x day 2-hour-daily summer camps fill quickly and teach your kid everything they need to know about the game
  • RFC features a no tolerance mindset on bullying, harassment, abuse, and poor sportsmanship. Every coach, manager, and administrator undergoes annual background checks to ensure your children are in the safest environment we can provide
  • RFC participates in Kidsport, to help low income families cover the costs of registration in sports programs


We’d love to have you.