The Canadian Soccer Association in 2008 launched the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Model to standardize soccer development across Canada, to provide specific development guidelines for clubs and coaches working with players of all ages from the recreational player to the elite player.

All programs and curriculum at RFC are developed by the RFC Technical Director and follow the CSA Long term player development model, to ensure we provide the best development environment for each and every player appropriate to their current stage of development.

The LTPD is designed to:

1. Promote lifelong enjoyment of physical activity
2. Provide a structured player development pathway
3. Describe best practices for elite player development
4. Create long-term excellence

For more information on the Canada Soccer LTPD, CLICK HERE

For more information on the BC Soccer LTPD, CLICK HERE



RFC fully supports the BC Soccer Player Pathway and strongly believes in order for players to truly fulfill their potential and to be the best they can be, the players needs should be first and foremost and any player that demonstrates the potential to play at a higher level should be provided with the opportunity to do so.

The image below shows where RFC fits into the current pathway structure:

playerpathwayRFC (731x650)

Richmond FC also would like to share with all players the Playing Environment which is shown below.

Playing Environment

The Image below shows where RFC fits into the Elite Pathway as a Grassroots Club.

rfc-pathway (640x360)

As a community Grassroots club our main function is in developing a lifelong passion for sport, developing important life skills through soccer, and providing graduating youth players with further soccer opportunities and give back to the local community:

rfc-communitypathway (640x360)